angel-devil-2492 asked:

Hello Miss genius, Just a suggestion popped up for you to troll: ( I think gif would be better ) The scene where lee soo hyuk saved lee Hana from the speeding car in highschool king ep 11, That scene is just another replica of twilight !! Hahaha the vampire saving style!!

dramatroll answered:

lol coz I was about to gif the same thing too

Another Epic reaction from my tumblr crush” dramatroll”



Shit Kris says

I miss you.

Those sharp & cool expressions, those out-of-the-world-galaxy-style lines, I miss you Kris!! dorky yet charismatic, silly yet cool, funny yet always keep his super cool side, plus his >8D ~ Galaxy personality mindset , he is born to be a star !! Just listened to his first solo Ost, it is to die for!!



kris in EXO showtime <3 :’(

I have to say , kris caught my very first attention in EXO especially in EXO Showtime, I really miss you Mr.chicken-is-not-my-style! :( :’( you are one of my bias in EXO!!
I still wish you all the very best for your future ahead, may you succeed and continue spreading your love and charisma to fans without anymore obstacle!!